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For two centuries, Chicago has been recognized around the world as the heart of the United States’ meat industry. Originally a hub for slaughter and distribution, Chicago’s meat industry has today evolved into a center for steak cutting and distribution. With modern technology, an abundance of skilled meat cutters, and large, decades-old companies like Meats by Linz, Chicago has maintained its reputation as the premier source of fine cut steaks and chops for restaurants around the world.

Today, Meats by Linz - owned and operated by the third consecutive generation of the Linz family - strives to perfect its workmanship and refine its ever growing national and international distribution operations. While some companies are satisfied with the normal NAMP cutting specifications, Meats by Linz goes several steps beyond by seeking exceptionalism through our “Chicago Trim” standard. Our customers notice the difference - Meats by Linz Steaks and Chops are in high demand across the country and around the world.